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Sailing is what we do!

There is something for everyone:

  • Cruiser racing, rallying, training & social sailing
  • Dinghy racing
  • Dinghy training for juniors, youths & adults & social sailing
  • Radio sailing
  • Lots of associated training including: Power boat training, safety boat training, dinghy instructor training, first aid, SRC etc ....

     So get involved and take full advantage of your wonderful club!

The club

Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club is an incredibly active sailing club with a strong history and culture of self-help.

The club has a fantastic reputation for sailing training and development, all provided by volunteers at the club.  We have some 40 instructors for dinghies and power boats who run regular training programmes for our junior, youth and adult members.  We are a recognised RYA Centre for training.  We also have a very active cruiser section, radio sailing section and social sailing group.  This is complemented by the social section,

About Us

Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club is on the eastern side of the millpond at Quay Mill at the bottom of South Street.

A club with a strong family tradition, there are approximately 750 adult members and some 200 juniors and there is storage space for around 100 dinghies in the summer and 40 cruisers in the winter. The Emsworth Mud Slippers Sailing Club was officially formed in 1921, although an interest in sailing can be traced back earlier than this. It was not until 1963 that the club purchased a home of its own in the Anchor, South Street.


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