Youth Laser RC Race

9 Jun 2016 | David Valentine

A great evening, thanks to Alex and Mike from Lewmar and their radio controlled Lasers. Some 24 youths and 4 wannabees, entered the 3 race series in teams of 3. 

The Team Wannabees, seemed to be suffering technical difficulties, or was that just the "older (a lot older)" Youths just not able to sail as well as the others. However our results continually improved from 9th to 6th to 4th, and then the wind died despite my apparently OCS getting a rocket start !    Rumours are that has happened recently in my D-Zero.

Light winds and changing direction caused a few challenges, though "The Odds" got their Laser going well, and scored 23 bullets - next time boat 13 is ours !!. The rest of the fleet had mixed results consistently changing places.

"Crippled Limbs", even with their multitude of crutches and foot braces managed to control enough to third place, though beaten by "JAE" by one point in 2nd.

See the Results page for a blow by blow account.

Some, ahem, rules needed obeying - yes they do apply even on the pond, and even with radio control Lasers !!

Chocolate prizes for the top 3 teams, and a well earned pint of San Mig for the Lewmar team

Thanks again to Mike, Alex and Lewmar, appreciated by all !     Till next time ...