The Nab Dash

4 Oct 2016 | Martin Perry


        The following report has kindly been provided by Barbara Forster, who also took on the organisation of this weekend as I was in Scotland (thank you, Barbara!):


The Nab Dash was held on Saturday in conditions that one could describe as challenging. 
Thunder, lightning, heavy downpours and winds varying from almost nil to 27knots.!
Indeed it was a challenge to get to the start line as a storm came through while boats were 
motoring down the Emsworth channel and visibility dropped to about 100m and we also had to 
contend with ‘dodge the dredger’.
Our OOD decided to delay the start for 15 minutes.  A good decision I thought as it gave time for 
the conditions to improve slightly.  (The OOD & his crew had another reason!).
It was a  beat out to the Nab and soon after the start another rain storm hit us increasing winds to 
about 25+ knots.  Reefs were hurriedly put in (if they weren’t in already ).  As soon as the storm 
passed the wind freed and then gradually died to almost nothing.  Fixation was first round The 
Nab, followed by Melody.
It was again a beat down the main channel towards Portsmouth, initially the  boats were having to 
tack on the wind shifts, then suddenly out of nowhere winds of 20 - 25 knots arrived, but at least 
the sun had come out.  Melody was seen to be over on her side at one point and there was no time 
for any of us to reef as the finish line was fast approaching.  Melody took line honours, closely 
followed by Fixation and Baldur.
All the boats arrived safely at Gunwharf Quays where we were joined by Duet, Windsong and 
Wombat.  In the early evening we all got together for a lively but rather chilly pontoon party, 
followed by an excellent supper at The Old Customs House for 29 of us in total.


Sounds like a blast! Race results for the weekend are now posted in the Results section of this website and congratulations to Baldur, who collected ALL the chocolates!

Martin Perry.

Cruiser Secretary.