Junior / Short Course Races 4 & 5

21 May 2016 | David Valentine

A great start to the day as the forecast of strong winds had managed to blow through earlier in the morning, and enable a good F3-F4, ideal for racing with only a little spattering of rain.

Only 15 boats braved the forecasted conditions, so well done to all those who entered, and kindly got to the start area on time, enabling the gun to go at 1150 as planned.

First race underway, 8 Fevas, 6 Teras and 1 Oppie battled for the start. The Oppie had noted the slight port end bias and took off with a quick tack to avoid a few boat lengths in, then back on course nearly laying the mark in one.

The Fevas seemed to all have trouble with their kites as no-one flew on the reaches. Some kind words by the Patrol boat got them to fly on the next lap, though some used a 2 sail reach to good effect.

A capsize on the last mark caused a few challenges as everyone tried to avoid.

Race 2 around 1230, having persuaded one Feva to not go in and see if they could get back in the game after their DNF.

at the leeward mark, the "water at the mark" rule needs to be learnt and practiced - we shall run a session !! After a couple of calls of protest, the PRO and team thought this may be a long day.

More kite flying and some great hiking, ended a couple of good races with lots of smiling and friendly chat.

Post race protest session was left to the Training room for a day soon - those potentially at fault denying their wrongdoing despite explanations. Better to do your turns if you think there has been an infringement than blindly carrying on. Watch this space soon for such training, as I'm sure quite a few parents would be interested aswell.

Photos coming soon !

Thanks to everyone involved, especially the Race Teams, Patrol Boat crews and Beachmasters, and well done all for racing - get practicing for the 19 June !!