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29 May 2018 | Matt Thorsby

Hi everyone

We have had a fantastic weeks sailing with the first of the Tango series last Tuesday, an improver sail on Wednesday and watmore 4, the Centenarians and Novices race on the Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday Monday, more on all that below but first -

Looking ahead  – next weekend we have the second of the Victory Down harbour races and on Sunday we have the Randall 3 race series running alongside the D-Zero open.

The Victory down harbour race on Saturday starts at 1400 and is being run by ESC, this is the second of 4 races of which 2 will count towards the trophy. The potential courses are on ten second page of our race sheet under dinghy downloads along with a map of the down harbour marks

Randall 3 race and D-Zero Open

This event is being organised and run by Dave Valentine and the Notice of race, Sailing instructions and entry form for the open are on our website under latest events.

Please have a look at the sailing instructions as the courses to be sailed have changed and also please note the change in start times, the first start for the general handicap Randall 3 race series is 1425 and for the D-Zero open 1430. The references to the £10.00 entry fee is for the D-Zero open competitors only

If you have any questions about the open or the Randall 3 race series please contact me

Tango 1 – last Tuesday at 1745 in brilliant sailing conditions and sunshine saw the first race of the summer evening Tango series, there were 28 boats on the line including a fantastic 22 from Slipper, Chris in the start hut set a short course in the fresh Northerly F3-4. The amount of weed around echo precluded a northerly start as was originally planned so a running start was made to the first mark at shepherd, thence to Walsh, there followed a very fast planning reach from Walsh to Sweare deep before returning to Walsh and another very fast reach this time further to shepherd before continuing down harbour to Pusinelli and the long beat back home.

Slipper took all 3 of the top spots with Richard Lewis in his laser taking a very creditable first, Tim Weeden second in his D-Zero and Dave valentine also in a D-Zero taking third.

It was also great to see so many new racers on the water, Jo Humphrey in her D-Zero, Mike Stewart and Richard Gough both in Lasers and Stuart Coles with young sons as crew out in their Tasar.

The full results are on our website

Wednesday saw the third of the improver sessions and we had a gaggle of Lasers and a 2000 all improving their sailing with Jez in his D-Zero also along doing a bit of follow my leader. We launched in zero wind but within 20 minutes this had filled to a very sailable F3 from the North which had the lasers and D –Zero hiking hard. The return to the beach was uneventful except for the 2000 taking an early bath but the weed was successfully avoided and everyone got back safely having had a very enjoyable evening’s sail. The next improver session is on Sunday 10 June – the day after the ball and we are launching at 0830

Saturday we had the fourth of the Watmore series, a good 32 dinghies on the line with half from Slipper, again the weed prevented a northerly start and so a running start was made in the very fresh north easterly 14-18 kt wind. A course was set with a long first leg taking us down harbour to tye, before reaching to shepherd and down beyond Walsh  to church, there followed a very fast planning reach to Sweare deep this mark was lapped twice via Pusinelli before running again to Tye and the long beat back to the line.

Tim Weeden was first slipper boat over the line, followed by Tom Kennedy in his Aero 9, third Slipper boat was Rob Evans in his laser radial who took an early unassailable lead over the slipper laser fleet, and it was also great to see Andrew and Lucy Furlong racing and indeed sailing their new 2000 for the first time.

The full race results and the series results are on our website.

A more relaxing time on Sunday for the Centenarians race, just 8 boats on the line, four from Slipper and not all of those were over 100. The wind had dropped off to a 5-7 kt SSW with some large shifts. A lap course of Sweare deep, Walsh, Shepherd and Beacon was set and 2 laps were completed.

The winners after almost 2 hours on the water were Claire and Noel in their RS200, Claire having signed on as 21 years and Noel a very youthful looking 79, they were followed by Bryan and Helen in their Stratos taking second. The full results are on our website.

Similar conditions prevailed for the Novices race on Monday, a flukey  8-10 kt northerly with again some very large shifts.  More boats this time, with 17 on the line, sailing a short course taking in Shepherd, Walsh, Shepherd, Tye and then to the line. The conditions were such that the fleet stayed quite bunched up until the final long beat from Tye to the line which saw the faster lasers opening their lead. Lasers took 2 of the top 3 positions however the first Slipper boat was Mark in his Aero 9, followed by Claire and Noel in their RS200 with myself taking third Slipper place in a laser.

The full results are on our website

It has been great to see so many boats on the water especially for the Tango and the quality of the sailing is fantastic, however there is always room for more boats on the line. If you want to give racing a go but have some reservations about how to start please contact me as it is all quite friendly.

Many thanks and please don’t forget to look at the 3 race series sailing instructions for the change in course and start times

Matthew Thorsby

Dinghy Secretary