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15 May 2018 | Matt Thorsby

Dinghy Sailing Update

Hi all

South dinghy park, SUP event and Victory down harbour Race this Saturday

Because of the SUP event this Saturday, access to the south dinghy park will be restricted as some boats will need to be moved (with care) to allow access to the millpond for SUP competitors.

However we also  have the first of the Victory Down harbour races starting at 2.30 this Saturday, therefore, if you are planning to take part in the down harbour race it would be a good idea if you could move your dinghy to the north park which will be unaffected. We will still be able to access dinghies from the  south park on the Saturday but please allow plenty of time to extricate your boat as it will be very crowded. If you are unable to get down to the club before Friday but would like your boat to be moved to the North park in readiness for Saturdays race please let me know.

ESC are running the down harbour race and I have put the Sailing Instructions and notice of race on our website under latest events. The potential courses are listed on the sailing instructions and also  on the second page of the course card which can be printed from the dinghy downloads section on our website along with a chart showing the down harbour marks.

In addition to the down harbour race next weekend we also have Watmore 3 on Sunday starting at 3.30 and ESC are running this race

Last weekend saw both Watmore 2 and the Corby 3 race series being raced on the Saturday and Sunday respectively

Saturdays Watmore 2 had 21 boats on the line with half from Slipper and all sailing in a southerly wind that did not exceed 6 knots. The course selected was thankfully short with just 4 turning marks.  A slow start though was followed by a slow beat up to Shepherd, with everyone looking for opportunities, the light winds meant that the fleet stayed close together and it was only on the second leg down to Walsh that the faster boats started to open their lead. Then course was shortened at Walsh and we simply had to race back to the line, this meant assessing how far the mud banks extended from Fowley before the turn into the main channel and the answer was – further than you think – a lot of boats ran aground attempting to cut the corner which made the run home more interesting as it enabled boats to start to catch each other up.

Slipper picked up first and second place with Mark in his Aero taking first, Gareth Davies with Abi as crew taking second and Jez Adams in his D-Zero took third place. It was good to see John Fifield out for the first time this season in his Aero and also Jo Humphrey borrowing Claire’s Aero and racing also for the first time this season. The full results are on our website

The Corby 3 race series on Sunday saw a little more wind and there were 14 boats at Sweare deep  in a Westerly F3 with sunshine, ESC ran this event and the full 3 races were run. Congratulations to Mark in his RS200 with his son Todd as crew who took first place in 2 of the races and subsequently came first overall, and Claire in her RS200 with Jo Humphrey as crew who were second Slipper boat.

The full results are on our website
Tango Race Series

A week today on Tuesday 22 May we have the first of our Tango evening series starting at 1745. There are seven races in this series and they tend to shorter and more relaxed than the other series, which, in addition to being a very pleasant way to spend a summers evening on the water also makes them ideal for sailors new to racing and want to give it a try. We are running all of the Tango races

If anyone is able to help out in the start hut for an hour or so, as assistant to the race officer for this race please could you let me know - no experience is necessary.

Club Improver sail 3
The next club improver sail is on Wednesday 23 May launching at 1830. This sail also coincides with Slipper Youth sailing on the harbour so we may be a little restricted as to which club boats we can use, however this is also an ideal opportunity to show the youngsters how it should be done. If you are planning to come along to this session and would like to sail a club boat please let me know and I will start negotiating with the youth squad.

Looking ahead to the following weekend we have Watmore 4 on the Saturday at 0945, The centenarians race on the Sunday at 1030 and the Novices race on the bank holiday Monday at 1100, more details next week

Many thanks and i look forward to seeing everyone this weekend

Matthew Thorsby
Dinghy Secretary