Dancing Santa Report

9 Jan 2017 | David Valentine

Dancing Santa Event, Boxing Day 2016 at Emsworth Slipper S.C. for International One Metre Yachts

What a fantastic event, perfect weather with a constant wind from the North West, a course to die for and some good racing. The only slight down side was the weed drifting down the pond that caused a few problems, however we had a partial solution to deal with this, our new found friend Mark Layer. He spent the morning demonstrating his rowing abilities, forwards, backward, standing up, and standing on one leg with body horizontal to the water whilst waving to the crowd! And all this whilst wearing a bright yellow ensemble that resembled baby poo on a bad day! Well done Peter you did a fantastic job moving course marks, clearing weed and rescuing stranded yachts trapped by the pesky weed.

This year we had an additional Team Prize for yachts having two skippers, usually father/son combinations. I was standing next to a skipper (no names no pack drill) but his sail number resembles an upside down 9. He was busily issuing advice and instructions to his son when I looked at him and realised he was talking to himself. His son had wandered off with the controller and was sailing his craft from further up the pond. Eventually the skipper became aware that his pearls of wisdom were being wasted and gave up the commentary. Judging by further events befalling this skipper I must assume they had a really good day on Christmas Day

Ian Brearley, he of bright festive waist coat, thought Father Christmas had arrived again. After his yacht slowed down to a crawl and, finally, after getting it to the bank side, he lifted his stricken yacht out of the water to find a pink Christmas present wrapping ribbon attached to his keel. His reactions were not kindness and good will to all men!

After ten races had been completed we all retired to the bar of the Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club where Paul Crosier thrashed his lap top into action and did a bit of number crunching.

The winner of the Dancing Santa was Paul Patrick, sailing John Galyers boat (37) with Rod Carr (30) second,  and Lawrie Draper (2) third.

The Winners of the team event were the Rod Carr (30)Team with Chris Treagust (6) team Second and Colin Gordon (1) Team third.

A vote of thanks to Paul Crozier for his starter skills and results and to Peter Forster for his work on the water and a particular thanks to John Galyer for organising this event and acting as race officer for the day. His clear understandings of the prevailing conditions and ability to select a good course makes for good racing and his ability to control a bunch of excitable and enthusiastic skippers reminds me of Captain Mainwaring of Dads Army fame!! Well done John, we all appreciate your efforts