Back on the Water

1 May 2017 | Victoria Brindley

A great start to 2017!  

Lots of Juniors have gone over the wall into SOTTS and enjoyed their first session - though I hear it may have been a bit cold in the water!  Well done to all those starting SOTTS, it's a huge achievement to sail on the tide, congrats!  For those returning to SOTTS it's great to see so many of you looking forward to the new season!

SMO and FNO are also back on the water with lots of new sailors enjoying their first ever sail.  Last week was perfect - good weather, sufficient wind, a perfect start.  This weekend was not so good, with winds gusting 6/7 meaning Sunday Morning and SOTTS were cancelled, this is most unusual but the wind, and its direction meant that it was safest to stay on dry land.  Fingers crossed for next weekend!