Powerboat Level 2 Refresher for Safety Boat Candidates

The Powerboat Level 2 'Refresher' is for members already holding the RYA Qualification who wish to undertake the Club's Safety Boat (SB) Course later in March.  The Refresher will be held on Saturday, 23rd February and there is no charge.

Undertaken afloat, this informal half-day session provides an opportunity for helms to practise their boat skills in RIBs and displacement craft.  It gives an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the boats and practise the slow speed manoeuvres necessary for the rescue and recovery exercises on the Safety Boat course.  It also provides an opportunity to update on any changes in techniques since they undertook the Level 2 course.

To ensure that time on the Safety Boat Course is used effectively all candidates are asked to attend this session. 

The SB Course will take place on Sat. 23rd/Sun. 24th March.  Please ensure that you register for both the course and the refresher session.