Subscription rates for 2017

Husband & Wife / Partners (including children under 8)  
Single Adult Member
Young Adult Member (Age 18 to 22 years on January 1st 2017)
Youth Member (Age 12 to 17 years on January 1st 2017)
Junior Member (Age 8 to 11 years on January 1st 2017)
Overseas Member

Joining Fee for adults only: is equal to the annual subscription.

Dinghy storage charges from spring until autumn range between £28.00 and £78.00 depending upon the category of member applying and storage location of the dinghy.

Cruiser storage charges from autumn until spring are according to the size of vessel. Crane lift charges also apply.

Application for membership:

Club WAITING LIST 2016 is now closed

The recent opening of the club waiting in September 2016 list was very successful.  As a result we have received all the applications that we can cater for at this time and the waiting list is now closed.  We will be sending out by post the Form for Candidate for Membership on Friday 30th September to all those applicants that applied.