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Home / News / Slipper Happenings July 7th
Home / News / Slipper Happenings July 7th

Slipper Happenings July 7th

Published 08:29 on 7 Jul 2020

The latest lockdown easing developments at Slipper ......

Club Handbooks: Please collect your copy from the club entrance.

Although recent events have sadly hijacked most of this year's programme, other information in the handbook is still very relevant.

A big thanks must go to Geoff Whalley for producing this handsome document!

Refurbishment: Work is likely to start in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to a recent work party organised by Sandy Keefe and work done earlier by Den and Lesley, most kitchen items and the contents of the store cupboard have now been been removed and placed behind a screen in the Function Room. Mike Balster is kindly arranging to cover the curtains to protect them from dust.

We are expecting the builders first job will be to knock through the kitchen to the Gents.

The plan is to keep at least one toilet operational during most if not all of this work.

There will be dust, disruption, normal building work equipment, vans and materials. We will do what we can to reduce any inconvenience but please be considerate and understanding through this refurbishment process. Thank you.

Bar: Rules, rules and more rules! Sandy Keefe, Mike Balster and Paul Tomlinson have put a lot of work into sorting out how the bar can operate under the latest guidance. Chris Lunn has kindly taken a lot of time, listening and incorporating a lot of views and has designed and presented us with a working document that I think we can all work to - many thanks Chris! As Chris is always reminding us these risk assessments are constantly evolving working documents and although hard copies are available to read, the document on the website is always going to be more up to date.

Unless guidance changes further this is the likely way the bar will operated:

  • Please observe all the social distancing and cleansing guidelines.
  • The bar will be open for members only. No visitors please.
  • Initially we are planning to open the bar on Friday 17July between 1800 and 2200 and then on Saturday and Sunday between 1200 and 1800.
  • Please check with Paul before entering the club by pressing door entry buzzer to confirm that there is room at the inn.
  • You will be able to enter the club as normal but you must enter your name on the register that will be positioned on the lectern.
  • The bar will be able to seat a maximum number of 30 people with additional outside seating on the balcony and terrace.
  • Please sit in groups of no more than six, incorporating no more than two households.
  • Drinks can be ordered from the side of the bar nearest the lift.
  • Screens will be in place to protect Paul, who will also be provided with appropriate PPE.
  • Drinks will be put on a tray and left for collection on the other side of the bar.
  • Whilst cash will be taken, payment will be preferred by card.
  • Please do not queue or stand near or at the bar. Paul will call you up when it is your turn.
  • At this point, no snacks or food will be available and no food is to be brought in and consumed on the premises.
  • Hand sanitizers and table cleaning materials will be positioned near each table.
  • Before you leave please return your glasses on the tray provided and clean your table with the products provided.
  • If busy, please exit via the balcony and side gate.
  • At least one toilet will be available in the clubhouse. Again if busy please use the toilets in the Malt House changing rooms.
  • Signs and markings will be strategically placed to help you follow the above procedures.

Enjoy your pint!!

Dinghy Racing: Following on from the great success of the Lockdown Cup we are now planning to return to more normal club racing. Simon Boylin has been very busy negotiating with Mark Langford of ESC, designing two new exciting race series to get us going. Again Chris Lunn has been busy fine tuning his risk assessments so that they fit in with current Covid guidance and the way we plan to operate. A hard copy will be available at the club but please remember that this is a working document that is libel to change. The most up to date version of the risk assessments will always be available on the website.

Unless guidance changes further this is the likely way Dinghy racing will operate:

  • Please observe Social distancing and cleansing guidelines in all dinghy racing activities including when rigging, launching, recovering your dinghy, operating the patrol boat and when doing race control duties.
  • Where possible we will aim to use same household members as safety boat teams.
  • PPE (gloves and face masks) will be available where necessary to mitigate any close quarters risks.
  • Please wash down patrol boats thoroughly after use, particularly the controls and steering wheel.
  • Where possible we will also aim to use same household teams as race control teams.
  • A plastic screen has been installed in the start Hut to help mitigate any likely social distancing issues.
  • It is hoped to have a mobile phone available for signing on and off. More details to follow from Simon Boylin.
  • A wind speed limit for racing where gusts consistently exceed 20knots as per Cambernet has been set.

Simon Boylin will keep the dinghy sailors advised of any programmed racing changes.

Happy racing!

Junior and youth sailing: your coordinators are busy working out how to get everyone back on the water. Watch this space!

Radio sailing: John Galyer is on the case designing interesting challenges around the new lockdown easing guidelines.

As always, social distancing, maximum group numbers (currently 6) and cleansing guidelines will all apply.

Serious Atlantic Sailing in Henry! (By Will Watley): Henry is an Aluminium Van De Stadt Samoa 47, the 4 year build project finished in 2019. Like so many others Henry's cruising plans have changed drastically due to COVID. Here is the story to date...

Sailing out of the Solent in June 2019 the plan was not to return to home waters for many years. The big plan is circumnavigation of the Americas vis north west passage with a few diversions en route.First destination was Northern Spain, cruising in Galicia is always a pleasure and this trip did not disappoint.

After northern Spain, a potter down the Portuguese coast and into the Med was uneventful. The Med was very enjoyable despite the common issue of there being too much wind or too little.

In October 2019 I left the Med heading down to the Canaries. Isla Graciosa off the north coast of Lanzarote was the first port of call, one of the few good anchorages in the Canaries and highly recommend if the opportunity to visit every presents itself.

Henry visited Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. After an enjoyable family Christmas on board in Puerto Mogán, it was time for the Transatlantic.

To sail across the Atlantic alone had been a long held ambition of mine and throughout the build project for Henry we kept provisions for singlehanded sailing a top priority.

After spending a week converting Henry from a family Christmas location into a singlehanded ocean sailing boat I set off on New Year's Day 2020 for Antigua.

The trip across was fantastic, 17 days of enjoyable sailing without the use of engine or mainsail. Various combinations of headsails poled out all the way across to Antigua worked really well.

In late February I flew home the Caribbean to return to work and this is where plans started to change. My parents were now on board Henry and enjoying everything that Caribbean sailing has offer.

The plan was always to leave the Caribbean in April 2020 and spend the summer cruising the east coast of the US before heading up to Greenland the following summer.

As Covid restrictions developed it became clear that we were not going to be able to stick to our original plans. My parents were very fortunate to be in Antigua for the majority of the lockdown. They stayed in a friend's house in Jolly Harbour which was conveniently empty and had a mooring outside for Henry. During the 24 curfew it was a blessing to have some space.

As we made our new plans we had three potential risks to consider, Covid, the approaching hurricane season and Antiguan civil unrest.

The civil unrest in Antigua did not materialise thankfully but both hurricane season and Covid were real risks. We decided that the best thing to do would be to sail Henry home to the UK.

Hurricane season officially begins on June 1st and this year was forecast to be higher than normal activity. After much searching I managed to get a last minute flight into Martinique (via Paris) on June 4th - fantastic!

On arrival in Martinique I isolated in an airbnb studio flat for a week. I also had Covid tests the day after arriving and after a week, both of which were negative. My parents sailed down from Antigua to collect me, technically I still had one week quarantine to complete before I could join their "household" aboard Henry. Rather than spending this week ashore I had a distanced sail to St Lucia with my parents where I collected a friend's boat that was stuck there and needed delivering back to Antigua.

Now with two boats we sailed back up to Antigua from St Lucia very distanced from each other. On arrival in Antigua we had some explaining to do with the customs officials about what we had done but after 4 hours of filling in forms and waiting in various offices we were in!

Now we simply had to drop off the extra boat in Jolly Harbour and set off for home with the three of us aboard Henry.

We left Antigua on June 22nd with an undecided location in the English Channel in mind as our destination. As I write this we are still at sea enjoying a very pleasant ocean passage and have so far been exceptionally fortunate with the weather.

The plan is to give Henry a winter refit at home and then set off again next spring, this time across the North Atlantic via Orkney, Shetland, Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and overwinter somewhere in Canada. The circumnavigation of the Americas plan is still going ahead, it just turns out that we had an Atlantic circuit as a warm up.

Many thanks Will, we look forward to the next instalment!

Best wishes


Old news but still relevant:

Club boats: The plan is to make the use of club sailing boats more available but their use on the sea will be restricted to times when a patrol boat is in attendance.

Normal booking through the website is essential and all current Covid 19 restrictions will apply.

Moorings: We have a number of unlet moorings available this year on both short and full time leases. Pro-rata rates will apply. Please talk to Trevor Davis if you are interested.

Boat storage charges: This was covered last night.

Dinghies that use the limited space in the club boat park will be charged as usual. Dinghies that cannot or choose not to return to the park this year will be offered a credit in next year's renewals.

Cruisers will pay the same charge as normal in September. The part of the cost normally attributed to crane lift-in and lift-out costs will show as a Summer storage charge. In other words, cruisers will be paying no more for storage than in a normal season.

Galley and Toilet Refurbishment to start soon! : It is unlikely that government guidance will permit full club activity and catering any time soon. So with this in mind and knowing that we have the Centenary celebrations next year, your committee has agreed it would be a good time to get on with the refurbishment project.

A letter of intent has been placed with Nutbourne Construction. A lead-in time of 6 weeks is expected although some work may start before then. The plan is to break through and isolate the kitchen area first and then move on to the refurbishment of the toilets. This should hopefully allow Den and Lesley to start catering as soon as it is permitted.

Please expect some disruption to your normal enjoyment of the club, particularly with regard to car parking, building materials storage, access to toilets, the builders' Covid 19 protection precautions and so forth - More details will follow!

A big thanks must go to Derrick Johnson and the whole premises team for getting the project to this stage.

The actual project management team will be headed by Derrick Johnson and supported by Mark Mansfield, Sandy Keefe and me.

Please direct any of your thoughts and concerns to the management team and not directly to the builders - Many thanks.

We look forward to a successful Refurbishment of our facilities.

Club bins: Unfortunately people have recently taken to dumping their household rubbish in our club bins. We do not even think these people are members!

The bottle bins are now stored in the dinghy park and the large bins are being locked.

Please do not leave rubbish beside the bins, if you cannot gain access to a club bin please either use the public bins or take your rubbish home and dispose/recycle it responsibly. Many thanks.

Club Website: Jon Keefe, in between applying the final touches to 'Mad Moment' has been beavering away on the new Sailing Club Manager website.

The website is now accessible but has not yet been linked to our main domain address yet. This should happen shortly. For those of you who cannot wait please use the following link: (You will need the password sent out at renewal to access the members site - for those of you who have lost or deleted your renewal e-mail, new instruction will be provided when the main domain link is switched over).

Many thanks again Jon for all your enthusiastic work - it would not have happened without you!!!

General Club Guidelines: Following our recent committee meeting activity to consider the recent lockdown easing of restrictions, Mark Riddington, (our Chairman) has kindly put together the following matrix to explain the club's current position. In conjunction with all current government guidelines please read the matrix carefully and follow these club guidelines, in both in spirit and in rule:

Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club A Summary of Club Functions v0.5

Area of operation




Clubhouse and buildings

Until 11th July:

All areas of the clubhouse are closed, with the exception of the downstairs toilets. If required, the toilets may be used by members who are maintaining their cruisers, or free sailing. The toilets will be cleaned on a weekly basis.

Given the restricted space in the toilets, only one member at a time should use the toilets. Occupied/unoccupied signs will be affixed to the toilets doors. The club recognises that some members will consider the use of club toilets to be a unacceptable risk if this is the case, please do not use them.

The malthouse, including the changing rooms and training room, is closed. Cruiser sailors may access their lockers.

No visitors are permitted to club premises or the boat park.

From the 11th July:

The club is hoping to open the bar to club members from the 11th July this date is not fixed, and will be influenced by our ability to buy beer in time! Prior to the bar opening, members will be advised as to the arrangements to be put in place to adhere to government and industry guidelines. Initial planning indicates that approximately 30 members will be able to sit in the bar area, with further seating on the mezzanine and outside.

The function room will remain closed, with the exception of potential use as a bar overflow area (to be confirmed). There will be no catering at the club, as the galley is undergoing refurbishment.

The clubhouse toilet(s) will remain open, in line with previous arrangements (one member at a time, signs on doors). The malthouse, including the changing rooms and training room, remain closed. Cruiser sailors may access their lockers.


The boatpark remains open to cruiser sailors to maintain their boats.

Dinghy sailors may leave boats in the boatpark, but on the following conditions:

1. The dinghy is being used for sailing. If you have no sailing planned, please take your boat home.

2. No road trailers are to be left in the boat park.

In the event that the demand for the limited dinghy space results in over capacity, arrangements will be put in place to ensure fair occupancy. Working parties are in place to optimise the space available to dinghies.


The club is hoping to open the bar to club members from the 11th July this date is not fixed, and will be influenced by our ability to buy beer in time! Prior to the bar opening, members will be advised as to the arrangements to be put in place to adhere to government and industry guidelines.


Catering at the club will not be reintroduced until the galley refurbishment has been completed, most likely in September.


The club insurance requires that a number of activities are conducted to meet the conditions of insurance an example of this is the regular testing of the fire alarm system. These essential activities will continue to be performed by the premises team.

More discretionary premises tasks will continue to happen, but at a slower pace.

The refurbishment of the galley and toilets is planned to start in early July, and should complete in August/September.


Dinghy Sailing

Until 4th July:

'Free sailing' is allowed from Wednesday 13th May, in line with the guidance issued from the government, RYA and Conservancy.

Please review the ESSC 'free sailing' summary (already issued to the membership) before taking to the water, in particular the notes on use of the boat park.

No club safety cover will be in place for free sailing, and members go on the water at their own risk. Please be prudent in your assessment of your own skills and the prevailing conditions, the risk of calling on emergency services (for example, the coastguard and RNLI) should be absolutely minimised.

From 4th July:

Organised racing is to be reintroduced, for single handers, and 'same household' double handers. The club programme is to be revisited with ESC (but preserving the H&H series), and will be communicated in due course. Dutyman will also be revised, with the objective of using 'same household' members to man the race hut and patrol boats.

Club boats can be used if safety cover is on the water, boats must be booked through the usual process.


Lift-in will not take place until the start of the 2021 sailing season.

The cruiser section is reviewing options for rallies and racing for those members that do have a boat on the water, potentially starting with a Haslar trip on 4th July.

Radio Sailing

Until 4th July:

'Free sailing' is to be allowed from Wednesday 13th May for radio sailors. Those participating in free sailing should ensure that they follow government social distancing and hygiene guidelines, in particular in the dinghy park.

Phase 2 for radio sailing may be the reintroduction of some form of organising racing. There is no defined timescale for Phase 2.

From 4th July:

<<Requires input from the Radio section>>

Junior, Youth and Adult Training

Given the 'hands on' nature of sail training, it is not possible to deliver the club schemes whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines. So for now, all training at the club is postponed until social distancing guidelines are revised.

The RYA are due to publish revised guidance for training centres, at which point the club will re-evaluate options to restart training schemes. Sailing Committee are to explore options to get the Junior and Youth sailors on the water this year, even if this is not through the route of formal training.


The club has a proud tradition of excellence in all matters of asset maintenance. The usual Tuesday morning maintenance sessions have been suspended this means that if any issues are encountered with club assets, the lead time in fixing may be extended. Any defects should be written on the white board in the Bosuns Shed, and also sent by email to the Bosun.

Stay safe!


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