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Home / News / Membership Renewal Process

Membership Renewal Process

Published 12:16 on 6 Dec 2021


It's time to renew your membership. Here's how to do it online.

Renewals are now open. Closing date is 25st January 2022. The renewal process is NOT THE SAME as last year. Renewals are NOT automatic. You must login to the website and take action!

If you are not renewing in 2022, please let me know. BEWARE late renewals may lead to membership being cancelled in accordance with the Club rules.

Except for those who are unable to negotiate the website, everyone else should log-in and follow the process outlined below.

I am unable to renew online

Please contact me even if you are paying by cheque. However, I still expect most of you to confirm your renewal on the website.

I am renewing online

You can Renew Membership within the Members Area of the website and choosing Renew. You will need to be logged in to access this. If you have any problems accessing the members area, then please let the team know and we can reset accounts.In Membership Renewals: Tick the following boxes:

  • I agree to club rules etc
  • Renew this membership

If you wish to make a donation this can also be done here.

In each Berths/Boat Park Renewals:

Tick either Renew this mooring/dinghy place or I will not be needing this mooring/dinghy place

If you want to add an additional boat, please contact Matt Thorsby as there is a waiting list for spaces in the dinghy park.

Click RENEW SELECTED at the bottom of the page which will light up after you have ticked all the boxes.

You will then be asked to Confirm Changes when you will have a chance to amend anything.

Your total Invoice will be displayed and you will be asked to choose a payment method.

If you are set up for GoCardless then please select that option. Selecting and processing a bank transfer may mean you are charged twice.

[If you find a rogue or incorrect invoice or have made a mistake, please email me.]



You can pay using a Cheque or BACS (Bank Transfer) but we would prefer GoCardless.

If you are paying by cheque, please email me but only after you have confirmed your renewal in the Members Area. Cheques must be written to Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club.

If you intend to pay via BACS or cheque, you must ensure that you DISABLE automatic GoCardless payments in the GoCardless setup tag in the Members Area before renewing.

Payment is by a one-off direct debit. You must authorise GoCardless and enable automatic payments, You will be given 3 days warning before the money is taken from your bank.

GoCardless payments may take 10 days before they are marked as paid.

If you make a mistake, contact me and I will cancel the payment for you. Please don't cancel it yourself.

Don't forget you can find your invoice again under Invoices in the Members Area. Please contact me if your payment might be held up for any reason. If you are not sure whether you have paid then check Invoices in the Members Area on the website. Please contact me if you have any difficulties.

Whilst you are in the members area it is a good time to review your profile settings, if you wish for your phone numbers and email address to be published in the Club Handbook they need to be set to public in your profile in order for the Handbook to be UK GDPR compliant.

Best wishes for a better 2022!

Nicola Haden-Ford

Hon. Membership Secretary

Last updated 14:09 on 25 May 2022

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