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Home / News / Dinghy News April 2022
Home / News / Dinghy News April 2022
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Dinghy News April 2022

Published 15:51 on 5 Apr 2022

Firstly - a big thank you

Many thanks to all those who came along to the ESSC Dinghy Sailor Pre-Season update on Tuesday 29 March. And a particular thank you to Mike & Sandy for opening the bar especially for us, and Mark for giving a great explanation of 45-minute lap racing.

For those of you who were not able to come along I thought it might be helpful to let you know what we discussed..

ESSC Website

This is becoming the hub for all information, and we are slowly updating it. Those of you who have visited recently will see that Dinghy Racing now has its own section on the top menu and a new secondary navigation for courses etc. Thank you very much to Jon Keefe, and Carl and Wendy who are helping me tidy it all up. This can be found at:

Dinghy Race Results will now be found within the Dinghy Racing section.

Updated Sailing Instructions SIs & Notices of Race NORS's

ESSC & ESC SI's have been updated for 2022. Please take time to review these. They can be found on the ESSC website:

NORs are also available on the above link.

Course cards

The joint ESSC/ESC course card was updated in 2021 and remains the same for 2022. This can be found along with the course marks on the ESSC website at:

Please note that RO's may wish to use course W only for a single lap race as ECHO is the first mark, and the mark before the finish line.

Short Course - changes to race names and duration of series

We have decided to break the Phillips Short Course Series into two series this season (each of 5 races). This will both provide more opportunity for winners and align the short course series with other the other longer race series.

Therefore, the Phillips Short Course series of 10 races will now be known as:

Spring Short Course 5 races (sits alongside Marsh)

Summer Short Course - 5 races (sits alongside Watmore)

The Autumn Short Harbour series will be known as:

Autumn Short Course 7 races (sits alongside Browning)

You can add an icon for on your smart phone home screen to make signing on/off even easier:

  • 1.From your internet browser on your phone find
  • 2. At the bottom of your screen click 'share'
  • 3.Then scroll down to 'add to home screen'

ESSC Dinghy Park Allocations

The dinghy park will be fully open for sailors to park their dinghies in from Monday 4 April.

Many thanks to Ros and Matt who have done a great job on the dinghy park allocations (which can be found on the website, in the members area). Yellow tags are now available to collect from the club house (on the mezzanine). Please ensure that you attach your yellow tag to your dinghy trailer, kayak, or SUP as soon as your craft is in the boat park. All craft must be identifiable to enable us to contact owners if needed.

45-minute multiple lap racing

You will remember that during the 2021 season we tried 45-minute lap racing. Well, this season Slipper intends to run all races using 45-minute multiple lap racing (except for the class racing/ and 3 races series)

  • 1. The standard courses (A to Z) move to a 'lap' basis
  • 2. For most courses, 'Echo' becomes the final mark before the finish line
  • - This is because lap courses require the start and finish line to have the same orientation (if we start to the South, we must also finish a lap to the South).
  • 3. There is now a minimum race duration of 45 minutes
  • - Any boat crossing the finish line after 45 minutes will be finished (with a sound signal)
  • - Any boat that crosses the finish line before 45 minutes will have completed a lap but will not be finished (unless the Race Officer has decided to shorten the race).
  • - This may result in occasional anomalous situations. For example, consider a situation where two Lasers are approaching the finish line, one crosses at 44:50, the second crosses at 45:10. The first Laser would continue for a further lap. The second Laser would finish, with a sound signal.

The implications of these changes are as follows:

  • 1. Typically, races will last between 45 and 90 minutes
  • 2. Any boat crossing the finish line before 45 minutes will have completed a lap, but will not have completed the race
  • .. unless the Race Officer has shortened the course
  • 3. Any boat crossing the finish line after 45 minutes will have finished the race

RO/ARO and Patrol Boat Cox & Crew allocations

You will have by now received a notification with regards to your allocations for this season. Please can I take this opportunity to request that you accept your allocated duties as soon as possible or arrange a swop if the dates are not convenient for you. Thank you.

Mark & Claire pick up their cup for Victory Down Harbour 2021 (picture shown).

Finally, it was my great pleasure to be able to award the trophies for the Hare & Hounds Series, 2021.

  • The H&H Saturday Trophy was won by Matt Johnston & Claire Power in their RS 400
  • The H&H Sunday Trophy was won by Mark Riddington in his RS Aero 7

Also, the H&H Inter Club Trophy was retained by Slipper, and I was delighted to present it to our Commodore Bryan. Fantastic sailing team Slipper!

I look forward to seeing you all on the water.

Happy sailing!


Last updated 20:49 on 28 June 2022

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