The Yoke Race 2016

19 Sep 2016 | Martin Perry


         It is my sad duty to inform you that The Yoke Trophy will be taking a short holiday to the other side of the mill-pond. Yes, after a boisterous and breezy race round the buoys in Hayling Bay on Saturday, 17th September, ESC came out victorious. The full results can be accessed from the "results" page of the website. But all who I have spoken to enjoyed their day racing - I must say that I found anchoring in Hayling Bay aboard Buster for 3 to 4 hours in a F5-6 NW'ly was a lot less pleasant than sailing! But all (including the Race Officers) enjoyed a convivial evening at ESC, where the results were revealed and success toasted and sorrows drowned. I am sure we shall recover the trophy next year......

Martin Perry

ESSC Cruiser Secretary