The Yoke Interclub Race on Saturday, 17th September

22 Jul 2016 | Martin Perry


                The Yoke interclub race is scheduled for Saturday, 17th September. Normally, this is a passage race to The Hamble River, with an overnight stay. But this year it is to be different. This year, the Yoke Race will be a top of the tide race around the cans in and around Hayling Bay. The plan is to set a course on the day consisting of “sausages” and “triangles”, with the finish time arranged to allow all competitors to return to their home moorings (within Chichester Harbour). This is because ESC are hosting a meal/party that evening, to which we shall all be invited (details to follow).

                The purpose of this email is to get you all enthused and excited and to try and persuade as many people as possible to get involved. Obviously, we need as many Cruiser owners to turn out. This is because previous years have shown that weight of numbers is definitely an advantage. But, equally importantly, we want to get our white hot dinghy sailors more involved. It is hoped that the more compact format this year will make this race more attractive to dinghy sailors. We want to try and get any interested dinghy sailors aboard yachts who would welcome another pair of hands (or 2) for this more intense racing experience.

                So, please save the date in your diary. Closer to the event, we shall be asking yacht owners to “sign on” in the usual fashion. At the same time, we shall ask them to let us know if they would welcome any more crew aboard for this race (compared to their normal complement).

                In parallel, the dinghy sailing fraternity will be asked to volunteer to crew aboard a yacht for this race. We shall then attempt to “” potential crew to possible yachts, which could be interesting! Thanks, in advance, for your help. Let us hope that the weather on the day makes for an exciting race!



Martin Perry (Cruiser Secretary)

Hugh Kennedy (Rear Commodore Sailing)