Subscription rates for 2020

Husband & Wife / Partners (including children under 8)  
Single Adult Member (Age 23+)
Young Adult Member (Age 18 to 22 years on January 1st 2020)
Youth Member (Age 12 to 17 years on January 1st 2020)
Junior Member (Age 8 to 11 years on January 1st 2020)
Overseas Member 
£35.00 per member

Joining Fee for adults: is equal to the annual subscription.

Dinghy storage charges from spring until autumn range between £35.00 and £97.00 depending upon the category of member applying and storage location of the dinghy.

Cruiser storage charges from autumn until spring are according to the size of vessel, and Crane lift charges also apply.



In September 2018 changes to collecting late payment of subscriptions were agreed by the General Committee (GC). Membership will only send, by email, a single reminder to members that have not paid there subscription fees by 15th January 2019.

If the payment has not been received by Friday 31st January 2020 entry key fobs will deactivated and membership cancelled.

The reinstatement of membership rights will not be automatic and will require authorisation at GC meeting February 2019. The reinstatement of membership rights will incur and additional late payment fee of £20 which will be added to the outstanding  fees.


The 2020 Club waiting list for Adults is now closed

We have successfully signed up the required number of applicants. 

Applicants can still register their interest by emailing us via the Contact Us section of membership.

All enquiries will be logged and will be contacted by membership when the waiting list reopens.



Membership Team 

12 December 2019